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Why do therapy?

For most people unacquainted with the therapeutic process, that word can conjure up a lot of interesting images, and not all of them are positive.  However, most – if not all – are inaccurate, based on movies or books, or someone’s vivid imagination.  I have always wanted to correct that image so others would understand therapy can be dynamic, challenging, and even humorous at times!   My view is that therapy is centered on seeking either a better understanding of a situation, or seeking to make changes, or both.  I feel that undertaking therapy requires courage and the willingness to be vulnerable, with the reward of deepening one’s perspective and finding better health.  

Do you accept insurance?
Yes, most major insurance plans are accepted.  Some of these include:  Highmark , UPMC, Aetna, Medicare, United Healthcare and UBH (United Behavioral Health).  There are a variety of other insurance plans also accepted, although OCS is not a provider for health plans offered through the Access program.   Please call to discuss your insurance plan or financial needs if you are concerned about paying for treatment.

What is the cost?
This will vary dependent on your insurance plan details and your financial situation.  Some insurances will pay your costs in full, while others may require a co-pay or ask you to pay a deductible first before covering the cost of treatment.

Will my information be kept confidential?
As required by law, OCS adheres to the laws regarding HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act) which allows only minimal information to be shared with a client’s insurance company in order to receive payment.  A copy of the HIPAA protections is available in this office at all times for review.  There are occasional instances where collaboration with another treating professional may be recommended for the client, but will occur only with a client’s explicit written permission detailing the limits of that collaboration.  Treatment information will not be shared with family or significant others unless specific permission is granted by the client, as well. 

How long will treatment last?
Treatment will include an initial evaluation, followed by development of a treatment plan with the client.  The length of treatment is determined by the rate of progress towards treatment goals.  The actual length of treatment will vary. 


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